I am excited to announce the launch of a new Fire&EMS blog site, FirstDueTackle.  Much of the information on this site has been transferred to FDT including the posts contributed by others.

You will notice a new look,  renewed motivation, and countless hours of training materials.

I cannot thank brother firefighter Darrell Fitch enough for his awesome work on the FDT logo.  He turned some of my thoughts into a great design.  Check out Fire Medic Art on facebook or his website.

This site will remain up for some time, but all new posts will be on First Due Tackle.  Be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for your viewership, insight, and contributions.

Pass it on!

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Training Websites, Blogs, and Magazines

A few weeks ago, brother fire instructor Melvin Harrington from NY posed the question in Facebook group The Training Room:  What training sites should we provide on a list for new graduates leaving our academies?  The list is certainly not all inclusive, but here’s what was added.  If you have more you think should be added comment below with the link.


FIREHOUSE                FIREENGINEERING              FIREFIGHTERNATION Continue reading

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Anhydrous Nurse Trailer – Company Drill

This company drill was passed over to me from Lt Bronner (Perkins Township FD).

Many of you are seeing anhydrous nurse trailer throughout your jurisdictions this time of year.  The “nurse trailer” in this picture was parked about 15 feet from a country road.  Immediately, three things popped into my head.

The first was a video that a coworker (Bryan Brace) sent to me.

Continue reading

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My Dad’s Death, FDIC & Huron Rescue Squad Fund

By now many of you know I scrambled out of the last classroom session at FDIC due to a medical emergency back home.  My dad went into cardiac arrest, but was given every shot at survival due to the early activation of EMS by my father-in-law, the Huron Fire Department, and numerous hospital personnel.  I made it to the hospital Friday night, but after two trips to the cath lab, the interventions were ultimately not life sustaining.  But…I made it.  Thanks Kevin.

My main reason for this post at this time is that many have sent prayers and offered help of all kinds.  Thank you.  Dad liked to work hard, play hard, and would certainly like some good to come out of some rough times, so here’s how.

Earlier today, we decided to direct memorial contributions in my dad’s memory to the Huron Fire Department Rescue Squad Fund.  This fund is a trust that is overseen by a board who approves spending of those monies.  Over the years, purchases of equipment with money from the memorial contributions of many have saved lives and given others like my dad a shot.  If you so desire, please make your memorial contributions to this fund to assist in ensuring the Huron Fire Department continues to have every life saving piece of equipment possible now and into the future.

Make checks payable to:

Huron Fire Department Rescue Squad Fund

In Memory of:

Paul C. Hasenmeier Jr.

Mail to:

Huron Fire Department

413 Main Street

Huron, Ohio 44839

Paul C. Hasenmeier Jr. Obituary

My class at FDIC went great and I met up with some old friends and met some new.  Next week sometime I’ll get back in the loop and share more on the trip.

Pass it on!

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School Bus Extrication Training Today and at FDIC 2012

 Another great day of cutting up school buses at the Northern Ohio Fools Heavy Rescue 101.  Below are a few pictures, but more importantly we learned a few tricks for extricating a victim that is pinned between the roof and the top of a seat-back in a roll-over with significant intrusion.  I’ll be adding a few things to the presentation for FDIC.  Hope to see you in Indy – April 19, 2012 @ 3:30 – 5:30 pm in Room 123-124. Continue reading

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