Social Media Instruction

The social media world is providing instructors with numerous options to pass on knowledge.  As an instructor, I am often wanting more time in the classroom or on the training ground.  Here’s a way to gain valuable class or training time.

By making a video preview of an upcoming lecture or hands-on drill, instructors can increase the knowledge base of their students prior to them even stepping foot in the classroom or on the training ground.  This will allow for greater conversation and perfection of skills in the stipulated amount of time allowed.

For example, what if you preluded a lecture on ground ladders with a video pointing out the parts of a ladder, maintenance procedures, carries, and throwing options?  Reality shows that most students don’t read ahead and skate on pre-testing materials, however, this new generation technology harnesses those old-school teaching techniques with new-age X-Box capabilities.

Below is a short video of me showing you how to make a balloon dog.  If I can teach you how to make a balloon animal in a few minutes, think of the ways you can help your students with a simple video.  Pass it on!

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