Water Rescue Throw Bags – Company Drill

This drill is from Lt. Bronner (PTFD).  Pass it on!

Objective:  Water rescue does not stop because of ice.  Lets face it ice is often a thin layer of “hard water” on top of your “regular” body of water.  Water rescue is a year round activity.  Don’t get caught in the trap of we don’t live on Lake _____.  Drive around your jurisdiction and take a look.  We all have ponds in our developments and commercial areas for either decoration or retention. This training will help to refresh your skills in throwing your throw bag under a variety of conditions. Hopefully this will also spark a discussion also on what is in your area.

Evolution Description:  Perform the following skills in regular clothing, a personal flotation device, and a cold water suit.

–       Practice coaxing the victim out of the situation

  • Example, keep your eyes on me, kick your feet, Swim to me, or just simply “stand up”

–       Throw the Bag in a controlled environment (inside a truck bay)

  • Throw overhand
  • Throw side arm
  • Throw underhand
  • Coax the victim to grab onto the rope or wrap it around them

–       Move outside around some obstacles (wind, trees, or narrow areas)

  • Perform the same throws as you did in the controlled environment

–       Practice the above skills with your PFD and cold water suit on

–       When complete inspect your gear for wear, sun damage, or any other abnormalities

–       Practice and discuss the “what if” (Did not make the throw to the patient, line went into a tree, or anything else you can think up)

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